LazerLift - Just 30 Minutes To Reverse The Signs Of Aging


Lazerlift Utilizes Advanced Laser Technology as a Safe, Fast, & Effective Facelift Treatment that Eliminates Signs of Aging

About LazerLift, The Revolutionary Facelift Procedure


Now you can look years younger with no scalpel, no scars, and minimal downtime!  A medical breakthrough in facial rejuvenation technology, the LazerLift uses revolutionary laser applications to tighten and rejuvenate the lower face and neck, lifting years off your appearance. The LazerLift is minimally invasive and offers outstanding results, all without the high costs, risks, and extended downtime of traditional facelift procedures.

No scalpel, no stitches, no scars

Aging happens both at the surface of the skin, as well as within the underlying supporting tissues of the face, known as the SMAS layer.  Sagging skin, jowls, and the loss of youthful neckline curves all combine to make you look older than you feel.  Until now, the only way to adequately lift and tighten the lower face and neck was through invasive surgery.  And, if you were considering a surgical facelift, there was no way to avoid the scalpel.  These invasive procedures all require multiple incisions and sutures to access and tighten the skin and the SMAS layer.  But now, there’s a better way… with LazerLift. 

Introducing a breakthrough in facelift technology

The LazerLift offers great results with minimal downtime.  Thanks to advances in laser technology, the LazerLift procedure can help tighten both the skin and the underlying SMAS layer without the pain, risks, and downtime associated with extensive incisions and sutures.  During the LazerLift procedure, a powerful precision laser is used to safely and effectively heat the dermis and SMAS, promoting tissue coagulation, structural lifting, and skin tightening. The results are amazing:  a new, younger looking you.  The LazerLift can help:

  • Tighten and lift the lower face and neck
  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Reduce sagging
  • Erase fine lines
  • Eliminate jowling
  • Improve jawline definition
  • Restore youthful curves in the neck
  • Leave you looking younger, refreshed, and rejuvenated

How LazerLift Works

Look younger in less than an hour

The LazerLift procedure is fast and easy, and can be performed on an outpatient basis in an office setting in as little as 30 minutes.  There’s no need for general anesthesia, and you can drive yourself home after your procedure. With LazerLift, there’s minimal downtime; most patients return to their normal activities immediately.

Want to look younger without invasive surgery?

The LazerLift could be right for you!  When compared to more invasive facelift procedures, the LazerLift offers a host of benefits.

Safe No general anesthesia. Significantly lower risk of bleeding, bruising, and post-op complications.
Fast Most procedures can be done in as little as 30 minutes.
Minimally Invasive No extensive incisions required. Only 3 micro-holes, each smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen.
More Convenient In-office procedure. Drive yourself home immediately after treatment.
Quicker Recovery Less patient discomfort. Significantly less bleeding, bruising, and swelling.
No Scars No stitches needed. Micro-holes are virtually invisible once healed.
Minimal Downtime Return to your regular activities immediately.
Lower Cost Less than half the cost of more invasive procedures.

How can I find out more about LazerLift?

Only a handful of physicians have the advanced technology and expertise to offer the LazerLift procedure. To find out more, fill out our request information form online.